Unlocking Potential for our Partners.

Octopus Group is an entrepreneurial, dynamic family of companies specialising in the import, distribution and marketing of beverages in South East Asia. Our extensive portfolio represents local and international brands that have a well-known provenance, heritage and history and resonate with all trade and consumer sectors - from high-end cocktail bars to local hawker centres.

Established in 2002, we’re a fully independent group, which allows us to respond with innovation and agility to an ever changing market. As a result, the business continues to grow at pace, spanning a full spectrum of services: world class logistics and warehousing, outstanding infrastructure, sales and marketing expertise, wholesaler management, brand management and activation.

Our business strategy rests on three core pillars: growth, efficiency and sustainability. We’re focused on delivering growth for our company and our partners. We do this through effective use of resources, plus investment in our infrastructure, allowing us to grow with the highest levels of efficiency. We’re also committed to entering into sustainable growth partnerships and to implementing solutions for a sustainable planet.

In short, through long-term relationships. we’re all about unlocking potential for our partners.

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