A Fever-Tree Interview by Spirited SG

"Ultimately, that’s because for 50, 60 years, nobody’s talked about mixers – it’s been stagnant; it’s been dead of innovation. And it’s only been the last, really, six, seven or eight years that Fever-Tree has led that development. When we think of spirits, twenty to thirty percent of all spirits are premium priced spirits and above.

In mixers, 98 percent of all mixers are just cheap, value stuff. So, we’ve got a lot to do just to bring more choice and innovation, and new products are part of that. Fun times ahead!"

Selected variants are available in Singapore. You may purchase at www.cellarbration.com.sg or www.redmart.com and at selected retailers (NTUC/Cold Storage).

Read more at: https://www.spiritedsingapore.com/2018/02/world-mixers-hitting-fever-pitch/

Posted in News on Feb 07, 2018

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